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高一英语 Module 1 Unit 2 Word Power

Module 1 Unit 2 Word Power

Teaching aims:

After learning this session, the students will be able to know and recognize some differences between American and British English, and some colloquialisms as well. With this teaching design, the students will experience more differences between American and British language and culture. Besides, the students will obtain more cultural background information as well as more interest in English language and culture.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1

Show a poster and introduce the movie “the Parent Trap”.

Show two questions about the movie: (1) What’s the difference between the twins? (2) Can you tell Annie from Hallie in the movie? Try to find the answers while watching the following movies and reading the texts concerned.



The Parent Trap, presented by Disney in 1998, tells a story of a pair of twins getting reunited after 11 years separation since birth. Lindsay Lohan elegantly played two main characters, the twins, one from the UK and the other from the USA.


Step 2

Show the movies.

Show the texts, and fill in the blanks according to the movies.

Chapter I   Meeting

At Maine Summer Camp, eleven-year olds Californian Hallie Parker and Londoner Annie James meet each other. Though they look surprisingly ________ to one another, they develop a ________ for each other, and attempt to play tricks on one another in a series of childish competitions. (alike, dislike)

Chapter II   Realization

Finally, both girls are punished to stay together in an isolation cabin, where they learn that they have much in ________. They then realize that they are in fact ________ sisters that were separated at birth. They each have one half of the same photograph, a wedding picture that their _________ took eleven years and nine months ago. (common, twin, parents)

Chapter III   Plan

Desperately wanting to meet the other parent they’ve never seen since ________, the sisters hatch a plan: Hallie will return to London ________ as Annie, and Annie will return to California as Hallie. Of course, the plan will eventually be __________, and the two girls imagine their parents having to meet after 11 years in order to change them back. (birth, acting, discovered)

Chapter IV   Discovery

After some training lessons, where they each learn about one another, they head 'home' separately, and the plan begins. Due to their slightly different ________, and their greatly different manners, they are soon discovered one after another. With the help of others, they continue with their plan to bring their parents back together again. (language)

Chapter V   Re-union

In the end, of course, they _______ in bringing the whole family together as one. (succeed)



Step 3

Finish the exercise of true or false.

1) Annie is from the USA while Hallie is from the UK. (F)

2) They’ve never met each other before. (T)

3) They recognize one another at the first sight. (F)

4) They each have one half of the same picture. (T)

5) According to their plan, Hallie will go to California, and Annie, London. (F)

6) The language they speak is completely different. (F)



Step 4

Show the two questions at the beginning of the class: (1) What’s the difference between the twins? (2) Can you tell Annie from Hallie in the movie? Ask students to discuss about them.

After discussion, try to complete the form shown below according to the movie.





London, UK

California, USA


British English

American English


give me a fright

scare me



My God! [ɒ]

My God! [ɑː]


此时对于前面提出的两个问题,学生应该心里有数了,但是仍然很难用语言来表述清楚。因此,紧接着的表格简化问题,易于学生回答。并且,通过这个表格,教师可以自然过渡到本课的第二个主题:American English vs British English。

Step 5

Introduce the differences between American and British English from four aspects: grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Show examples of the differences one by one. (students’ book page 26)



Step 6

Make a conclusion of the differences: Despite such differences, all English speakers, Americans or Englishmen, can understand each other, just like the twins, Hallie and Annie.

Ask a question about the differences between American and British cultures: Besides language, can you name any other differences between the cultures of the USA and the UK?



Step 7

Let the students discuss about the question above.

Show some examples of cultural differences in the form of brain-storming: How much do you know?

1) Thanksgiving is observed only in _______. (the USA)

2) People usually walk on the ______ side in the USA while in the UK people usually walk on the ______ side. (right, left)

3) __________ behave in a more casual way while in _______ people are a bit more formal or traditional. (Americans, Britain)

4) Americans select ________ as the top leader of the country, while in the UK, the ______ or ______ is always the representative of the country. (president, King, Queen)

5) Football has its origin in ______, but in America, where it is called ______, it is not so popular as American football, or ______. (Britain, soccer, rugby)



Step 8

Explain the meaning of the word “colloquialism”: A colloquialism is an informal expression used in spoken English. Colloquialisms are never used in formal English or in writing, but are often used in conversations. In many cases, we can guess the meaning of the colloquialisms through the words used.

Match the two columns. (students’ book page 27, part A)

Guess the meaning of the given expressions, try to find an equal Chinese expression for each. (students’ book page 27, part B)



Step 9

Assignments: (1) Try to find more differences between the USA and the UK, both in language and in culture. (2) Try to find more colloquialisms by referring to the dictionary.

Explain to the students how to get the information needed, for example, through Internet, by reading books or referring to a dictionary. Ask the students to finish the task assigned after class.



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